Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Finding God in a Clover Field"

“Finding God in a Clover Field”
by Bethany Hudson

One day, I
kicked off my
Sensible black pumps
And tried on a pair of

I walked around
for awhile,
Decided I liked the color
But the heels were a bit much.
So, I went searching for a pair of
Bubblegum-hued sneakers.
The color was
a little girlish,
And the shoes were, too.
I tossed them aside and
began again.

Pastel peep-toes,
Coral flip-flops,
Fuschia sling-backs,
Baby-pink kitten heels,
Magenta espadrilles.

Finally, I found some
nail polish
The exact shade
of the stilettos.
I painted
my toenails
And ran
through a field
Of pink clover.

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