Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Kind of Nursing

As some of you may know, my little girl self-weaned at 11 months. Now, at 12 months, she is battling her first illness. (How's that for evidence that breastfeeding boosts a baby's immune system?) It started with a low-grade fever that spiked to 103F. When she threw up all over me in the parking lot of an ice cream parlor. Some baby Tylenol got the fever to break, and now she is sleeping soundly.

I am so thankful that the illness my daughter has is treatable. I'm so thankful that it is likely to short-lived. I am so, so thankful that I am home to take care of my darling baby girl. I hurt for mothers who must be away from their sick little ones or else lose a day's much-needed wages to.

I was so grateful to nurse my daughter at my breast for 11 months, and now, puke and all, I am so thankful to be nursing her in a new way. It is such a joy to know that the hands that bathe her and smooth her fevered brow are mine, the lips that blow soft air on her hot, pink face are mine, also. The arms that cradle her in her discomfort belong to this grateful mama. Thank you, Lord. And, thanks to my darling husband who has provided us with the ability to care so well for our daughter.


  1. Oh dear. Sophia is in my prayers. She is lucky to have a mama like you to nurse her back to health.

  2. Hi, sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear Sophia's sick! Is she doing any better? Poor little bun. I'll be keeping Sophia and you and Brian all in my prayers-this has got to be quite an experience for you two, as well. Sophia is indeed very lucky to have such a wonderful mama like you to take care of her when she's sick and when she's well. Do keep me posted and let me know how she's doing.
    Lots and lots of love to all of you,



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