Thursday, August 14, 2008

"On Proverbs 31"

"On Proverbs 31"
by Bethany Hudson

Pretty woman.
Silly woman.
Career woman.
City woman. 

Old woman.
Bold woman.
Crafty, clever, cold woman.

Kind woman.
Refined woman.
Every kind that you can find woman.

But, a virtuous woman who can find?

Worth more than rubies, so they say.
Wonder who she’d be today.

No more wool and flax to spin;
No merchant ships a-comin’ in.
No more fields to up and buy;
No scarlet cloth to weave and dye.
A home, a husband should she choose,
Her own identity to lose?
So goes the modern cynic’s ruse.

She ain’t no Martha Stewart,
And she ain’t no Daisy Mae,
But she’ll sacrifice the parlor
For her little ones to play.
(The easy chair’s a pirate ship
That’s sailing west today.)

She does the laundry, mops the floors,
Paints the walls and trim and doors,
Makes supper every blessed night,
Comforts every hurt and fright,
Tends with care to hearth and home
And any guests that therein come,
Handles money with restraint,

All this with joy and not complaint.
Her hands are skilled, her mind at rest,
For all her family’s fed and dressed
And they arise and call her blessed.

Her husband ventures forth each day
In utter confidence.
His wife is able, thoughtful, strong,
Endowed with plain good sense.
She’s never idle, taking care
Of every-thing and -one.
He knows she’ll strive her hardest
‘til every task is done.
With wisdom, by God’s grace
She’ll train his children well.
In harmony and plenty, he trusts,
They all shall dwell.

“A charming wife for Andrew,
A clever wife for Paul,
But as for me: my noble bride,
Who doth surpass them all.”


  1. Bethany,
    This is beautiful! Thank you!

    I really appreciated your previous post on TV, too. We don't watch TV at our house, either. :)


  2. Beautiful. Yes, the Proverbs 31 woman looks very different today but she's still there. Working hard (in the home and/or out), and caring for her family.

  3. Just some appreciation from one writer to another :)

  4. Bethany, this is great! Summer's not sure what she's going to preach on (she has Proverbs 21-31 to choose from) but we're going to walk/talk about it later today (friday). Even if she doesn't preach on it, I'm sure we'll find a place for this. I love it. :)



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