Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Little Starlet

We took Sophia to have her birthday portraits done this afternoon. She's wearing her special birthday dress from her Grammie (except in the bathtub shot where she is just in her diaper).

We have had countless people tell us that we should have her model. After this, I'm thinking we should consider it. We woke her up from a much-needed nap to bring her in to take these... and she just sparkled!

I wish I could post these with the nifty color effects they used. It made the pictures look much softer and better composed, but these originals are still quite good, I think.

So elegant. Sophia loved playing with the string of pearls.

Who doesn't love a baby in the bath?

Old-time traveler.

Just beautiful.

Our little lady.


  1. These pictures are so adorable!!! And I think that she would make the best baby model ever!!!! She is so cute and so charming, I lover her to death!! Hope all is well! Love you and miss you.
    Aunt Caiti

  2. There are absolutely no words, Bethany!!!! Picture-perfect, as the saying goes :)


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