Monday, August 25, 2008

This Post Has Nothing to Do With Anything, But the Pictures Are Cute

The tooth is coming in nicely, and now she has another one on the bottom to match.

We attended our downstairs neighbors' bible study the other night, and it turns out some of their friends brought their baby, too: a blonde nine-week-old dauchsaund named Samson.

Sophia and Samson make friends.

Sophia loves to sit in her highchair at the piano and give us concerts before dinner.

And, a smile to brighten your day!


  1. Oh, Bethany, she is a dream!!

  2. How adorable! And that puppy! What a sweet little thing. They make such a cute pair. (You need to get her one.)

  3. Oh your daughter and puppy are both so cute! How old is Sofia? My youngest is 7 months now, and just cut his first tooth.


  4. Judy- Sophia is 13 months now. Yeah, she's very tiny and a late teether. :)


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