Friday, October 31, 2008

Sanctuary Harvest Fest 2008

Every year, our church in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle throws a Harvest Fest for the local kids (and parents!) We have tons of carnival games and way too much candy! We also set up treats and hot drinks for all the parents. This year, we got a bunch of hay bales, we had a great musician come to bless us with his talents, and the Salvation Army set up a truck to hand out free nachos. It was a blast!

One of Greenwood's finest.

Sophia and Mommy are having a great time!

Our busy little bee.

A little witch enjoys the beanbag toss.

Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2 enjoy some self-decorated cookies with their sister.

Elmo gets some popcorn.

Our pastor, Randy, showing off his Nordic roots.

Our little friend Nicholas is a very serious little boy.

But when he's with Daddy, you can sometimes get him to smile!

Little Evie the chick tries out her wings!

Some canine companions show off their costumes.

Bee and flower twins.

I didn't know ducks used pacifiers.

Our face painters really made the kids' days.

Go fish! And, if you'll notice, our little Sophia is fishing (pilfering) in the candy bowl behind the fish pond.

Whew! What a day. 

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