Saturday, January 10, 2009

20 Weeks, 6 Days...and counting

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch."
- E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

As I have had many requests from friends and family afar who want to know how much I'm "showing," here are a few of pregnancy photos for you all to enjoy. These were taken today at 20 weeks and 6 days gestation.

I love this part of pregnancy. Mainly, I feel great, though I'm still a little tireder than I would normally be. The nausea is officially passed (thank Heaven!), and I feel pretty much back to normal. It's good to have enough energy again for all the things I need to accomplish each day. It has also been a welcome change to finally start looking pregnant, instead of looking like I've just put on ten pounds.

Our little boy began kicking regularly at 16 weeks, and I just adore feeling those tiny bumps and squirms. Now that I'm halfway through the pregnancy, I can feel him moving often throughout the day, and it's such a comfort to feel his presence and know he's doing well. He is right on target for size (33rd percentile), so with any luck, he will come out the same size or maybe a tiny bit smaller than my Sophia who was just over 8 lbs. at birth--fairly sizeable for a 5'2'' mama who only weighed about 135 lbs. 9 months pregnant!

Even with the inconveniences it can sometimes cause (sickness, fatigue, shortness of breath, sciatica, stretch marks, etc.), I really do love being pregnant. There is something about carrying another life inside your own body that makes you feel truly beautiful and, in a small way, magnificent.


  1. Bethany,
    You look beautiful.


  2. Hi, just wanted to say you look lovely and glowing! I know what you mean about the baby's movements. I also love being pregnant and I kind of miss feeling those little kicks and rolls afterwards...although holding the precious one more than makes up for it! :) Blessings to you and your family!

  3. you look so beautiful, Beth!!! Can't wait to see the baby belly grow!

  4. Dear Bethany, you look just adorable. What a sweet little bump! :o) I hope the rest of your pregnancy is very healthy and happy.

  5. Hi Bethany!

    (My name is Bethany too! And a redhead too ;) ) I stumbled across your blog a few months ago, and have really enjoyed reading all your entries and have found them really great! (even the one that ppl reacted really negatively) I enjoy your deep thoughts on faith, and life in general... It's fun, so thanks, and congrats on your pregnancy!


  6. Bethany- How fun to *meet* another redheaded Bethany! Welcome to the Cider Mill.

    Thanks to all your ladies for your kind words :)


  7. Bethany
    You look beautiful! I love the baby bump! Say hi to Brian for me and give lots of kisses and hugs to my beautiful goddaughter!

  8. Bethany-
    You look radiant and your bump is so cute! Thanks for sharing photos.


  9. Nice photos! You look great, Bethany! :-)


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