Thursday, January 8, 2009

Homemaking Tip #3

If your children, like my daughter, sometimes manage to color in or on things they shouldn't (like their books), don't despair: try erasing them! The covers of most books and the pages of most children's books are glossy, so the wax crayon erases quite easily. This works well for anything else with a glossy or coated surface, as well, such as televisions, some finished woods, painted walls, mugs, or whatever else you little one might get his or her hands on. Of course, this only works with wax crayons, not markers, which is one reason why we do not use markers in our home.

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  1. Dear Young Mothers, God bless you! You are precious! Thank you for giving life to our world! Where would we be without you?

    When you are deep in thought giving your children a bath or helping to brush their teeth, remember to smile at your baby!

    When your child gets an "ouchie" bend down to look at it closely, bring your hand close to the ouchie. Then bring your hand out and flutter your fingers and say "bye bye ouchie" as it flies away.

    Tell your child a story about when he or she was a baby. For example, young babies don't understand that their arms belong to them. While in a high chair she would grab food and drop it and watch and wonder if her arm would drop off as well.

    I liked the parenting book called "Liberated Parents Liberated Children" by Adele Faber. It talks about the narrative you tell your child about himself to nurture the qualities you value.


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