Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Productive Day

There's nothing quite like a satisfyingly productive day to remind me why it's so good to be home.

Far starters, I was able to get up at a decent hour of the morning for the first time in months. I need more sleep than the average twenty-something to begin with (about 8-9 hours). On top of that, this pregnancy has been particularly exhausting--much more so than my pregnancy with Sophia was...or maybe it's just that I'm now unable to nap during the day while maintaining my home and racing after a busy toddler. But, I have resolved to go to bed earlier so that I can get back on a decent sleep schedule. I'm much more of a morning person than a night owl, anyway, and am reliant on getting my heaviest and most unpleasant chores done before noon...otherwise, it's like pulling teeth to get them done.

A good start makes a good day, they say. That was true for me, in any case. I was able to see my husband off, get dressed, check all my email, and make a to-do list for the day before waking the baby up at 8:30. I can't remember the last time I did all that without Sophia tugging at my skirt! Then, Sophia and I had a delicious breakfast of yogurt-lemon bread and kiwifruit. I like being able to share meals with my daughter, and she loves showing off her eating skills--such as being able to hold a fork properly and actually get the food to her mouth, now.

Next, we got Sophia dressed and had a couple of hours to play together. We had fun putting wooden shapes in our sorter, but mainly she wanted me to read books! Book after book after book. She loves picking one out, then bringing it over to me, plopping down on my lap and reading, reading, reading. Her favorite books include anything with rabbits, babies, birds, kitties, and bears in them, which are all words she can say now.
After our fun time, Sophia went down for a nap while I planned our weekly menus, wrote out my grocery shopping list, took stock of the pantry and fridge, and cleaned the bathrooms.

Unfortunately, my heavy-duty scouring of our shower still doesn't make much progress. I've been using everything I can think of since we moved here two years ago, but I think the previous owner never washed it because the darn thing won't come clean. I even enlisted my mother's help with it once, and she eventually gave it up as a lost cause after more than an hour of scrubbing with my abrasive cleanser and Clorox bleach. *sigh* A bathroom remodel may be in our future.

Next on my list is getting a loaf of bread on the rise for dinner tonight. Then, a leisurely lunch. This afternoon should see some more playtime with my little girl, preparations for dinner, baking date muffins for tomorrow's breakfast, and (if I can squeeze it in) organizing pictures from the past couple of months for scrapbooking.

It is good to be at home!

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  1. Bethany-
    I completely agree with you. Some days (today was one of them) I feel like I'm a waste of time at home, but other days (like yesterday!) I'm so happy with what I've accomplished.

    I'm glad to know someone else needs more sleep than average. My husband teases me because I needed 8-9 hrs before I got pregnant and in my first and now third trimesters I'm sleeping about 9-10+. I wish I could do with less, but it just isn't happening.

    I feel for you with the bathroom thing. My bathroom has a clawfoot tub and there's so much dirt under it from the previous owner that I am in despair of it ever being clean...not that I can get down there to work on it now anyway.

    In Christ,


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