Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Cookie Jar

Now that Lent is over, our cookie jar is back in its customary place on the kitchen counter, next to the fruit basket. This week, we have oatmeal-peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. Since my husband loves to have something to grab and snack on and I hate purchasing storebought snacks (you're mostly paying for packaging, anyway), we compromised early on in our marriage: I keep the cookie jar filled, and he won't beg me to pick up a box of granola bars at the store :)

I usually do our cookie baking once a week, typically on Saturdays, and we nibble freely on the jar throughout the week. I try to rotate in some favorites: mine is chocolate chip, and Brian's favorite is snickerdoodles... I'm not sure what Sophia likes best yet; she just seems to love them all!

It's just a little family tradition that makes our house feel homey and keeps the family happy.

What sorts of everyday treats and traditions does your family have that make your home feel unique and cozy?


  1. Bethany,

    I've got a question from a student who is looking for tips to get into acting. Would you mind if I passed her your way and share some of your wisdom (I think you mentioned you've done some acting...)?

    If you wouldn't mind, drop me an email so I pass it on to her: lholzmann[at]

    Thanks so much!


    PS. Sorry for making this a comment, but I couldn't think of a better way to contact you.

  2. Our most favorite cozy food is potato soup. I make it all year round especially on nights after we've had a busy and diffcult day.
    The cookie jar idea is a great one, we used to do something similar until my family outgrew what a standard cookie jar could hold *smile*. Please post your snickerdoodle recipe!!

  3. We are a muffin family. There is nothing better than warm mufin for breakfast or afternoon tea. The cookies I make usually make their way to my son's dorm room via the US Mail. It's better for the waistline as well.
    Absolutely love your blog. Wonderful afternoon reading with my muffin and tea!

  4. This post brought back memories. When I was growing up we had a ceramic cookie jar on the kitchen counter. Trying to lift the lid, and then get it back into place, silently and undetected was a challenge! The dog always told on me anyway, though. Any little clank, and she came running.

    Our tiny Japanese kitchen is seriously lacking in counter space, so I don't have a cookie jar. I do make cookies at least once a week, though, and try to buy snacks very rarely. I also pop popcorn, and try to have fruit on hand for all of us. I think the cookies are by far the faviorite, though. Our favorites are ranger cookies. They are an oat cookie with coconut and raisins, but I often change things up and add chocolate chips, dried cranberries, white chocolate chunks, or nuts. Yum!

  5. You know my favorite cookie! My second is chocolate chip. Yum Yum. :)~Meghan


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