Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Fragility of Life

I find myself awestruck today at the fragility of life. Especially at it's beginning.

Some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that, just before Christmas, my cousin and his wife lost their little girl at 8 months gestation due to nuchal cord. Just this past week, a friend shared with me about a woman at her church who had the same experience with her little boy. This past August, only a month before conceiving the little boy I am currently pregnant with, my husband and I lost our own little baby early on in pregnancy. And this week, we learned that one of Brian's cousins and his wife miscarried.

I don't mean for this to depress anyone, but it is something worth pondering. In our culture where we make death the enemy, where we make every attempt to deny or sterilize or hide from it, I think we sometimes forget the tightrope walk that is undertaken just to bring a baby breathing into this world. 

Every time I feel my son kick, it is a reminder to me of just how fortunate I am to be granted the privilege of carrying this life, growing him in my womb until he can take his first breath. I am reminded that every day of his little life is a precious gift from God, even if he were never to open his eyes in this world.

Life is so precious. So fleeting. So fragile. Let us treasure it.

All of it.



  1. important words, my dear.

    i just said a prayer for your little man♥

  2. Yes I think of so many who have lost little one's, both in and out of the womb. As I currently carry a precious little one and hear of the devastating news of others I often think "Please continue to be healthy!" I often don't understand why some are taken early and others are blessed to live longer. Life is so, so fragile. Thanks for the post,

  3. It is so hard to hear of these losses, it never gets easier..but it was always especially hard while I was pregnant..saying some prayers for you and your little man and offering up prayers for all you've mentioned in this post~

  4. What an important message. I can't begin to express how much my stance on these issues have changed over the past few months.


  5. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I lost my baby at 14 weeks gestation. It was my third miscarriage in less than three years, but my fourth pregnancy. I have a wonderful baby girl that reminds me every day what a gift life is and what a unique blessing from God that children are. Enjoy those precious kicks and every moment God grants you with your little one(s). -Lisa, again


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