Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

"Easter Morning" by Caspar David Friedrich

He is risen! Today we celebrate with feasts, with alleluias and loud amens. We gather together in congregations, in homes. We share Mass and meals. We rejoice!

Yet, in the still hours of the morning, just as dawn breaks on the horizon, something of the painting above stirs in my heart. I think of the women on their way to the tomb with jars of costly spices and perfumes to annoint the broken body of Jesus. There is something awesomely intimate about this part of the story--when Christ has already returned in His Glory, but no one yet knows. And then, they come upon it: the empty tomb, and before it, sitting upon a stone, an angel. Finally--at long last--Jesus Himself appears with words of comfort. Before He appears to the disciples, before He breaks bread with them, He appears alone to a woman weeping.

In the midst of the holiday rejoicing, steal a moment to embrace this stillness, the beauty of that first Easter dawn. Yes, this is a day when all Christendom rejoices together. Yet, in it there are moments for each of us to meet with Jesus privately, to hear His intimate words of comfort to us. Stand alone before the empty tomb today, and embrace your Risen Lord! Then, join the feast, and proclaim the Good News!

Happy Easter!


  1. He is risen!
    He is RISEN in deed.

    May you have a blessed Easter this Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate our RISEN LORD!

    May the joy of our salvation be embraced.

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family, Bethany.


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