Friday, April 24, 2009

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The other day, Brian and I walked into the den, after a quick jaunt to the kitchen, to discover Sophia had climbed up on the couch, made herself a little nest of pillows, and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch to tuck around herself. The opportunity was just too cute to pass up, so we snapped some photos. I feel blessed to have such a sweet, cuddly snuggle bug. She loves pillows and blankets and is always ready with a warm, little hug!


  1. Hello!

    I found your blog thru Pleasant View Schoolhouse and have enjoyed strolling thru your recent posts. I think we may be kindred spirits; I too, am from the Seattle area, and have some similar interests (like natural childbirth). You have a lovely family, and it's been so nice to visit you. I'll be back soon!


  2. Michele- It's nice to *meet* you! I'm always up for meeting new kindred spirits! If you'd like to come over for a cup of tea sometime, just shoot me an email (you can link to my email from my profile).
    Hope to see you around the Apple Cider Mill often :)

  3. Adorable, too adorable. How can one little girl warm a heart so much and bring such smiles to my lips and soul?

  4. She's adorable! My son is a cuddle bug too-there's nothing like a snuggle from a babe to remind me of God's love!!


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