Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Busy Day

I discovered that there is an exceptional family resource center here at the hospital where I can have internet access, so I popped up here to check some email and update the Mill while James is getting a nap and Brian and Sophia are at home resting. (I already got my nap earlier, don't worry!) Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words! What a blessing to hop on the internet and find all that support waiting for me. I nearly cried for joy.

It's been a busy day for little James. He's run a gammut of tests, shots, an echo cardio gram, an EKG, vital checks every couple of hours, and (hardest for Mama), he now has a feeding tube. Until his breathing stays consistently lower, we want to be certain that he won't aspirate the breastmilk (well, colostrum, at this point), but we do want him to get the colostrum, which is so beneficial especially in instances where a newborn is having some respiratory issues. So, I've been pumping, and we'll be feeding him by tube starting in the next hour or so. Cardiology will be speaking with us later, but from what our doctors have said, it sounds like his heart is a-ok, which is a huge blessing. Also, in the past few hours, his breathing has gotten quite a bit slower (this may be due to the fact that he's been taking a huge nap!), which is very encouraging, and my doctors (who are blessedly very pro-breastfeeding) are hoping I will be able to start nursing him tonight. I must say, I would really welcome the ability to multi-task by nursing and comforting James at the same time! At the moment, I almost feel like I've got twins, getting up to pump milk and then comfort my crying baby. Whew! You mamas with twins impress me.

But, despite getting poked and prodded at every turn, our little boy has been amazing! He never even cried with a couple of his heel pokes or his Vitamin K shot, and he was a real champ with the feeding tube. He's been very easy to comfort, though he definitely wants to nurse, and he has utterly rejected the pacifier at this point. Ultimately, this will be a good thing for our breastfeeding relationship, I feel, but it certainly can make the nurses' jobs a little trickier. But, we have a wonderful nursing staff who seem to be as concerned for his comfort happiness as they are for his care and health. We couldn't be in better hands, and we are so blessed to have such an excellent hospital here in Seattle and the ability to treat James here.

Another piece of good news is that James has been taken out of isolation, which means Sophia was able to come visit her little brother today. She was elated. Brian said the whole way in the car she kept saying, "Baby James! Baby James!" We didn't know how she'd handle being at the hospital, as she's traditionally a bit afraid of strange places and of machines and medical equipment, in general, but she was a little trooper and was mainly just overjoyed to see her brother. God has certainly given us a tremendous blessing in Sophia's enthusiasm for this little boy--a big affirmative to all of our prayers over the last few months for this transition time for her. We are very grateful.

Okay, and one more little Sophia anecdote that I just can't help sharing because it made my whole day: Brian told me her first words when he came in to get her out of her crib this morning were, "Bless you, Mama." I have the sweetest child!

Daddy and possibly Sophia will be back tonight to spend some time with us, but in the meantime, I'm off back to spend some one-on-one time with my little man who I'm hoping will be waking up from his nap soon. Thank you all, as always, for your prayers and support. We know God is listening, and His blessings are continuing to shower down upon us, aided, no doubt, by all of you. Thank you.


  1. Congratulations to you all, and I'm so very pleased baby James is doing better and that you have such a wonderful group of people supporting you and your family.

    The story about Sophia saying 'Baby James!' in the car reminds me of one of the stories my parents told me about when I was a little girl just her age. I was also very excited to see my newly born baby brother in hospital and was bouncing in the car seat on the way to the much so, that my poor Father got stopped by the police when they saw me bouncing.
    Policeman: Excuse me Sir, but are you aware your child...oh wait, she IS strapped in!

    I'll be praying that everything continues to go well.
    God Bless

  2. Hi Bethany! Congratulations on your little boy! I love the name! We will be praying for his speedy recovery!

  3. I knew my little Godson would be a trooper! You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. Greg says that his prayers are with you and he is hoping the baby will get well very soon!! Keep your chin up and get plenty of rest! Give him a kiss from me. See you in a few weeks!

  4. You are all in my prayers, Bethany. I hope that soon James will be perfectly fine and you can all be at home together! In the meantime, God will take care of you. word verification is 'bless'. Maybe that means something. :)

  5. Still praying for you and James. I hope you can take James home really soon, surrounded by your loving husband and sweet daughter.

  6. I discovered your blog just a few days ago. I'm so sorry that these first days of James's life was greeted with trials. Our toddler (and our 4th)was hospitalized for 6 days with bacterial pneumonia in January, and considering James is a newborn, my heart just breaks for you both. The Lord is with You. His arm is not too short to save. Keep pressing in, sing songs, read psalms. I have heard that Seattle Children's is among the best in the nation, and that is a blessing. I pray He continues to bless you and your husband with wisdom and discernment, with peace and strength, and that James grows with the knowledge that the Lord meant him to overcome and be a warrior for Him. You will continue to be in my prayers.

  7. Thanks for the updates. I'm still praying for all of you and relieved to hear they do not think it is his heart!
    How darling to watch your little girl become the "big" sister!
    Keep up your rest, and know you, James, and your family are being wrapped up in lots of prayers.

  8. Praise God James is doing better and things are looking up. Please be assured of our continued prayers. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. I've come to you via Emma's blog. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy!!

    Our son spent two weeks in the NICU after he was born due to premature lungs and pneumonia; so I can imagine that your little guy is going through some similar things. We will definitely keep you all in our prayers and pray for a quick recovery so that you can take him home.

  10. Bethany, so happy to hear that baby James is doing better. Be assured of my prayers for all of you.

  11. I'm very glad to hear that your son is doing better. I wanted to thank you for your posts on modesty a little while ago. They came just as I was struggling (again) with the issue, and really helped me to commit to more modest dress.


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