Friday, May 22, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Two Days to D-Day!

I wish the "D-Day" in the title of this post could stand of "delivery day," but we just don't know that. No, that's our due date, though. We've had a lot of progress toward labor in the past couple of weeks, and honestly, both my midwives and I are rather astonished that I'm still pregnant, but I guess this little guy is just not quite done cooking yet.

On Monday, Brian and I spent the night in the birth center while our wonderful neighbors spent the night here with Sophia. Labored through the night...and stalled out at 3 cm. Since that's technically not "active" labor, which doesn't begin until 4 cm. dilation, we decided to come home and have some rest. Tuesday was rough, as we were both sleep deprived and, naturally, a bit disappointed that we had to return home with empty arms. Wednesday was wonderful, though! For the first time in weeks, I went a whole day with hardly any contractions and had been able to catch up on all my sleep. I felt like a new woman! Last night, the contractions were back and frequent (every 5 minutes or so) but not progressing, so we got some sleep (not easy under the circumstances, for me). This morning, the contractions are still coming, though not as frequently, but that's old hat at this point. I try not to pay too much attention to them. Though, I keep joking with this little guy, "Either get out or stop pretending like you want to!"

As per my previous post on finding peace and sanctification through pregnancy, I feel that God is really challenging me. The dilation, frequent contractions, false labor...such tantalizing carrots dangling before my bulging belly, but nothing doing, yet. I'm learning--and failing--to grow in patience, learning--and failing--to trust Him more, as I try to ignore the leaps of excitement in my stomach with each contraction, the nagging concerns and questions at the back of my mind: "Am I going to have to end up getting induced in a hospital again?", "I have to fit into a bridesmaid's dress in how many weeks?" (The answer to that second question is six, for those keeping track!)

But, isn't that what life is all about? Trying, failing, growing, starting again. It's all to His glory, and I know that eventually and soon this little boy is going to have to get out whether he wants to or not! So, at least the end result is foregone.


  1. Stop teasing us! HAHA! I keep on waiting for that phone call. Hopefull soon we will see him :)

  2. Bethany, you and your family are in my prayers these last few days. I'm sorry to hear you are having to deal with so much false labor. Hopefully this little boy will soon enter the world, safe and healthy!

  3. Emily- Thank you for your prayers :) Yes, the false labor is kind of funny this time around. Last time, my water broke (high leak) 2 days past my due date and we couldn't GET me to have a contraction; I'd never had a Braxton Hicks contraction. Every pregnancy really is different. I wonder if this will indicate anything about the kids' personalities?

  4. thinking of you today my dear♥

  5. Aww I hope he comes soon! I agree with Meg, stop teasing us!I cannot wait to meet my beautiful God-son! Take care, and I hope he will arrive soon!

  6. I am praying for you, Bethany!! Best wishes for a safe and speedy delivery. I imagine it must be quite difficult to wait, but your writings bless us all!


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