Friday, June 5, 2009

Our First Week at Home

James' first day at home.

Well, I suppose it will be a full week on Sunday afternoon, but it's been our first full "work week" at home together. Brian was home with us through Wednesday, and we managed to put the house back in order and get some food in the pantry; our freezer meals are also coming in handy! Who knew we'd need them quite so much?

James had his first pediatrician appointment on Tuesday. All seems well, he's nearly regained his birthweight (another ounce or two to go!). His breathing is still a tiny bit fast, but our pediatrician didn't seem in the least concerned about it. After all, as she put it, babies are individuals, not statistics in a textbook. If he breathes a little fast and seems healthy in all other respects, so be it, and let's all be thankful there's nothing really wrong! We are so blessed to have a pediatrician who is so even-handed about things--with one fast breather and a little girl who's so petite she's been "off the charts" since her first birthday!

Thursday, as things had been going so smoothly, Brian headed back to work. I think he's really missing being at home, though, and we are all looking forward to his four weeks of parental leave, which we're planning on using in September. Juggling two kids has forced me to get a little more creative than I normally would have to be, and I'm needing every drop of sleep I can fit into the day. But, James is a fairly good sleeper for a newborn--much better than Sophia was in that regard--and is a very happy baby most of the time. And, he is a strong little guy! Not only is he highly skilled and wriggling out of even the tightest swaddling jobs, he has been able to hold his head up for about a week now (since he was 3 days), at least for several seconds at a time. I guess we might have to start "tummy time" early.

Sophia is enamoured with her brother, which makes things easier than they might have been, but she is also developing into more of a tempermental toddler than she was previously (did I mention her second birthday is less than 2 months away?), which has been a bit of a challenge while juggling a completely helpless, breastfeeding newborn. But, Sophia is mostly still her sweet, sweet self. She just gets more volatile than usual when told that she cannot have something that she wants. But, her tantrums are brief and easily consoled with a hug, a kiss, and maybe a graham cracker every now and then. She has learned to sit on my lap in such a way that I can still nurse the baby while we read stories, which has greatly improved things in her eyes! After all, what is life without stories? Her recent favorite is A Little Sister for Frances by the Hobbans, which was a gift to her from another "big sister," my friend Elizabeth.

All in all, it's been a good week with lots of beautiful weather. Though, I must say, I'm glad the heat wave we'd been having is over now! Poor James was just dripping sweat even though he was only in a onesie, and we weren't able to swaddle him due to the heat, and he does so love to be swaddled. He's much happier today now that it's cooled down some.

Here are some more photos to share with you all. Since we've largely had our arms full of one kiddo or the other, there are sadly only a few at the moment, but we're determined to get some more this weekend.

More photos from the first day home:
James, 1 week old, sitting on Mama's lap:
Sophia having fun with her uncle "Effan" (Ethan), who is in town for the week:


  1. Yay! Thank you for squeezing in the time to keep us updated. Praying for fabulous sleep and patient almost-two-year-olds.

  2. You look absolutely blissful holding James! Praise God that everything is OK. My family will continue to keep you and yours in our prayers. May the blessings continue to flow.

  3. My word! He looks older to me than just 1 week. What a handsome little boy and a beautiful big sister.

  4. oh yes, "a baby sister for francis" was always a big favorite around here during postpartum time.. and other times as well, come to think of it! the hobans really had the knack for telling a story didn't they? my personal favorite is "a birthday for frances" (about her sister's birthday... the "chompo" bar segments are hilarious!)

    best wishes and warmest thoughts to you as you all settle in to the new normal♥

  5. Oh Bethany, he just looks so snuggly and adorable :) I hope you're enjoying his first week at home. I am praying for your family.

    I'm off to attempt your pizza dough recipe (this has comedic potential!). Have a wonderful day :)

  6. Yay, the pizza wasn't a disaster! It actually worked really well! I am planning to use your recipe again next week when I see my fiance. Thanks, Bethany :-P


  7. Oh my goodness!! I have been following you for just a little while. This past month I have been ill, and have neglected my own blog, but I just had to see what the news was. I have been praying for you whenever the Lord brought you to mind. So happy to see you are all home and doing well, praise YHWH! Your little man is beautiful! Also, I might add, I too have a James, he was born June 13, 15 yrs ago, he is a handsome young man now, by God's grace, but seeing your pics just brought back a wave of memories! May God bless you and this little man, I'm sure you know, as the first born man to you and your husband, your little James is special to God. I will be praying a hedge of protection around your first born boy's heart, soul, and mind.

    Blessings and Grace to you and your beautiful family!


  8. Bethany,

    Absolutely precious--I'm green! Can't wait for that's something a mother never tires of.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  9. He looks simply delicious, Bethany. I'm so happy for you.

  10. So glad you have James at home now. What a cute little snugglebug!

    And I like Ethan's Dunder Mifflin t-shirt.

  11. Hello! I think I'm a "new" reader (I've never commented before, anyway! :) ) and I just wanted to take a moment and say: Congratulations! Your new little one looks so adorable and precious - and you look so happy! God bless you and your family!


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