Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Pictoral Account of Last Weekend's Festivities & Adventures

Friday, June 12th:
Friday was my 25th birthday. My mom and my surrogate sisters, Meghan and Caitlin, were all in from out of town. It's the first time in four years I was able to celebrate my birthday with them! We all went out to a quaint little outdoor shopping center called the Country Village and to afternoon tea at a lovely teahouse there called Elizabeth & Alexander's.

The town farmer's market was in full swing at the Country Village, so we commissioned two beautiful blue-and-white bouquets for the baptism reception. Can you believe these gorgeous flowers? I just love living in the Pacific Northwest in the summertime!

The proud godmother (Caiti) with James.

The resident chickens at the Country Village. Sophia loved them.

A little old carousel. Sophia was fascinated by the ponies but became terrified when we tried to help her up to "ride" one!
Auntie Meghan has her hands full with goddaughter, Sophia and "nephew," James.

The happy big sister, enjoying all the attention from the out-of-town guests.

Auntie Caiti and Sophia

James looking inquisitive

James looking sleepy

Auntie Meghan looking sleepy, but very happy to be holding her "nephew."

Well, as it turns out, Sophia's grandparents and godmother pitched in with Brian and I to buy her a special birthday present. Since most of them wouldn't be in town for her real birthday and they were all in town for the Baptism, we chose to give her the special present on my birthday (the night before the Baptism). After all, she seemed to think all mommy's birthday presents were for her anyway--at least, she started taking them off the table and unwrapping them without permission!

Yes, we wrapped it in a blanket. Who needs to waste that much wrapping paper. You know, in this picture, it looks an awful lot like the Everlasting Gobstopper Machine in the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Checking out the oven. That's my little baker.

Me and Caiti.
Meghan and Me.

Saturday Evening, The Baptism and Reception:

Welcoming James into the Church with the sign of the cross.

Brian calls this one, "The power of Christ compels you!" In actuality, though, this part of the ceremony is called the "exorcism" when the baptized are freed from Original Sin.

A picture of Bill, my mom's awesome boyfriend, videotaping us at the baptismal font. We just thought it was a really neat photograph.

Taking James from his towel to be baptized. Yes, we were all thinking the same thing: Don't pee on Father!

And here he is, all dressed in his adorable christening outfit from Grammie (my mom). The white clothes represent his new life in Christ.
The proud godmother with her godson at the reception.

The desserts. Those flowers are the ones we chose at the market the day before. And next to them, standing up, is James' baptismal certificate. I will have to get a better photo of that someday to share with you all.

The cake.

The godfather. Make him an offer he can't refuse.

Sunday...a trip to the Chateau St. Michele Winery:


  1. Wonderful pictures, Bethany! I love your dress that you wore to the baptism!!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Bethany!

    (And I'm sure that even if James had peed on the priest or on his own father while being held up, it wouldn't have been the first time!)

  3. You sure are busy for a brand new mommy! Your pictures are lovely -- you looked beautiful in that yellow dress. I especially love the nakey baby in the air pictures! It seems you had a very blessed birthday and baptism -- congratulations on both.

  4. wonderful pictures! and what a darling little family you have♥

  5. Happy Birthday (a week late)!


  6. Hi Bethany! I'm a long-time reader, but first time commentor. I have to say that before I watched James' baptism video that you shared with us, I had NEVER seen--or even heard of--baptizing babies naked. Like you, I am a 25-year-old Catholic, and I was just astonished that I had never heard of this. It makes me wonder what other little customs I might not know about that exist from area to area. Just incase you're wondering, I am a Native Texan and am currently living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and in both areas babies are brought to the church in thier baptism gown and baptized in that. But I do like how in your custom the baptism gown is treated similarly to a wedding band in a marriage. You wouldn't go to your wedding already wearing your wedding band. Thanks for the eye-opener. Many blessings and graces to you and your beautiful family! +JMJ+

  7. Bethany, your children are just so adorable. You look wonderful. Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures.

  8. I've been a long time lurker of your blog, and I just wanted to comment and tell you what a beautiful family you have! God Bless, Kate


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