Monday, August 10, 2009

What's In a Name?

What's in a name? In James' case, a memorial.

A year ago today, we lost a little baby at six weeks gestation. But, only a few short weeks later, our grief was broken when we learned I was pregnant again with our sweet James.

One of the reasons we chose "James" has to do with this series of events. The name is an English variant of the Hebrew Jacob, meaning "supplanter." Our little James supplanted our sorrow with joy.

Of course there is more to his name than this: He is named for St. James the Just, also called James the Lesser, first bishop of Jerusalem, apostle, relative of Jesus, and author of the Book of James, one of my favorite portions of Scripture. We loved how this traditional English name sounded with "Kingsley", a family name which we had chosen long ago for our first son, should God bless us with one. But, on the 10th of August each year, I shall remember the light that dispelled the darkness in my heart and say a special prayer of thanks for my James and a prayer that God will take care of the little son or daughter who I am confident dwells now with Him in heaven and who I hope to hold in my arms one day.

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  1. Every Christmas the children and I get an "angel" from the Salvation Army Angel Tree, one for each of them to give a gift. I also get an extra one for the baby I lost at six weeks gestation. It's how I honor that no matter how small, all life makes a difference. Thank you for sharing your loss and light!


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