Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blueberry Blintzes for Breakfast and...

Some cheese blintzes with blueberry sauce for breakfast on Shrove Tuesday. Mmm... Because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we won't be able to have sweets, we were forced to eat them all. What a terrible trial it was for us. ;-)

For my readers who have legitimately complained to me about the significant lack of Sophia and James photos in recent weeks, here are a few of my darling girl helping to make heart-shaped scones for breakfast on Valentine's Day!

I'll have to work on getting some pictures of James up next!


  1. SO Adorable! Thanks for sharing. And those blintzes are ridiculously gorgeous. I would have eaten them all, too! Trying to squeeze the last bit of "gras" out of this Mardi!

  2. Okay, the blintzes look great but Sophia looks so darn cute!


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