Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pedicures for Holy Thursday

In the evening Mass tonight, priests around the world will wash the feet of twelve congregants, recalling how Christ washed the feet of His disciples at the Last Supper. I was thinking about this ritual this morning, and it gave me an idea: pedicures for Holy Thursday!

Why not consider offering pedicures or foot massages as a sort of corporal act of mercy and a little act of service today? The possibilities are virtually endless.
  • A teenage girl might invite some of her unbelieving friends over for a pedicure party where she treats them all to some lovely polish, maybe in a themed color, such as Passion (as in, of the Christ) or Chapel of Love (Chapel, get it?), or you could paint the nails like Easter eggs!
  • If you already volunteer at a nursing home or senior living community, you might like to offer pedicures and massages to the residents! My grandmother had never had a pedicure until her eighties, and she raved about it.
  • You could treat members of your own family. Young readers, are you listening? Mom--and maybe Dad, too--would probably jump at the offer of a foot massage after a long day.
Whatever you do, be sure to remember why you're doing it: to serve others as Christ served. If appropriate, you might want to share with those you are serving the impetus behind the kind gesture. You could even invite them to Mass with you tonight to see the priests washing the feet of the congregants. If they get selected for the ceremony, they'll have the best dressed feet in the place, and the blessing of loving fellowship to boot!


  1. Very inspirational idea, Bethany! Thanks for sharing.


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