Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"What Will Be"

“What Will Be”
by Bethany Hudson

We will go away from here.

You will grow apples from seed.
Bring them to me.
I’ll lay them to rest
in blankets of crust
with a dusting of cinnamon,
pinch of nutmeg,
some vanilla,
six tiny pats of butter.

On a June morning
before night dew
entirely sublimates
in summer glare,
I will go to the garden,
cut a bowl of peonies
to place on the table
at your elbow.
You will raise your eyes to me
and smile.
It will be enough
and good.

Smell of sweet hay on the air,
the both of us covered in dust and dreams,
I’ll amble, belly swelling, barefoot
to greet you on the porch
with cups of sweet tea.
The glass pitcher sweats.
You and I sweat.

What once was will be.
I will claim what was for me.
And you’ll in turn claim me.

It will be good
and enough
and good.

holy experience


  1. this poem is breathtaking. it reads as the beautiful song of solomon but fresh, too. i love it. it is a gorgeous peek into marriage and hope and faith.

  2. I like it! Sort of reminds me of the "red wheelbarrow" poem. I can't recall the poet now (maybe William Carlos Williams?) and I have to run to make dinner, but the comparison is a compliment.

  3. Hmm, ok, so I just found the red wheelbarrow poem and now I feel silly, as it mentions chickens! I guess your poem reminded me of that one because of William's imagery of the rain, not so much because of the chicken part! Please just ignore the chickens, thank you.


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