Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to Silent Saturdays

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I always think of Saturday as a “gathering-in” day. The rush of the week is over, and the glorious rest of the Lord’s Day is on the horizon. Sometimes it can be tempting to cram the weekend so full of projects that Sunday falls upon us before we know it, and we are caught exhausted and unawares and cranky.

But, what if we slowed down a bit?

What if Saturday became a day when our families could draw together in the bosom of our homes to decompress and celebrate togetherness? What if Saturday were a day of going forth to glory in God’s Creation, to bless others, and (yes) to occasionally make that run to the hardware store to finish some project or other before the Sabbath begins? What if, as we dedicate our Sabbath to rest, we committed our Saturday to reflection?

Today, consider carving out a small space of time to reflect on your week, to think of the week ahead. Then, share with this small community an image that evokes the trials and triumphs of the past seven days, or perhaps your hope for the days ahead.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Silently, let us share our stories this day.

Some logistics:
  1. Post your picture on your own blog. No words, please. Be sure to use only images that are your own work, that are public domain, or that you have obtained by permission of the artist. 
  2. Put the community icon and button code in your blog so that we can find each other. You do this by cutting and pasting the code (found here) into the source (or HTML) code on your blog.
  3. Link to your post using the tool below to join the community. You will have 25 characters to identify yourself.
And here is my first entry:

Sophia's Birthday 2010 113

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