Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feasts of Sts. Monica & Augustine

On Friday, we celebrate the Feast of St. Monica, and the following day is the Feast of her son, St. Augustine. I have included some links about St. Monica below with recipes and ideas for how I have celebrated her feast the past couple of years, but I have yet to cook up some good ideas for St. Augustine's Feast.

How does your family celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine? I would especially appreciate any ideas for celebrating with children.

God bless!
  • My 2009 post tells a bit about St. Monica and gives some ideas for how to celebrate her feast.
  • Ethiopian Dabo bread: a wonderful breakfast idea for the feasts of St. Monica and St. Augustine!
Sts. Monica & Augustine, pray for us.

Picture Credit: St. Augustine and His Mother by Ary Scheffer

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