Friday, September 17, 2010


old window and wall by petr kratochvil

When I was growing up, I was a big fan of the ABC Friday night line-up known as TGIF—Thank God It’s Friday, but I never really understood how deep my gratitude for Friday evening could grow until I found myself grown and married.

Friday nights are a sacred in-gathering of all my most cherished blessings. My husband walks in the door, and there is this exhalation of all that has separated us throughout the week. All obligations are hung up to rest, and we can relax in the embrace of home and family.

Every night, I try to greet my husband with a smile, a kiss, the aromas of a home-cooked meal, but on Friday nights, I up the ante.

Dinner simmers in the Crockpot, so that nothing, no obligations need distract me from the joy of togetherness. And, in return, he sets aside his cell phone, his lifeline to all things work-and-world-related.

I light candles to welcome him, to mark the end of the work-week, usher in the gift of weekend. When it’s colder, the hearth crackles and the warmth of home becomes a tangible reality.

After dinner, he pulls out his guitar, strums praises, and we harmonize. Our evening devotion draws us upward, inward, settling us down together in this home. I tell stories on the couch, a child curled up under each arm and my mature, intellectual soulmate listening with rapt attention, too. This is family, this give and take and praise, this singing and this listening. This is sacred.

Pajamas donned and prayers said and children nestled down for sleep, we tiptoe back to the comforting arms of the sofa. We snuggle up with mugs of tea, a weekly movie date night that costs nothing and is worth everything. For forty-eight hours, he is mine, and we are home.

Yes, thank you God! It’s Friday.

Photo credit: Old Window and Wall by Petr Kratochvil


  1. What a beautiful post. You put to words exactly how I feel when my man walks though the door on Friday evening!

  2. Our Friday's are actually Tuesday becuase of my husbands ministry as a chaplain in prison. Even though our Friday's aren't the traditional day, it is still that same feeling of joy and appreciation that we have a few days to spend together without other distractions.

    Your Friday night events sounds ever so calming and great preparation for the weekend ahead.


  3. Great post, it is nice to have my husband as "all mine" on Friday nights too. I especially appreciate it because I got married a bit later in life, which means I logged in many Friday nights alone or on awkward dates. The Friday night singles scene is not always all it's cracked up to be, especially when most of your friends are married. So, when Friday rolls around, I really, really thank God for my husband.

  4. This is just a lovely post! I agree, there is something wonderful about Friday nights and spending that time with loved ones.

  5. My husband and I are on different continents right now but you just gave me some nice ideas for when he's home for good. ;)

  6. Wonderful post, Bethany. I feel like we *must* take advantage of Fridays. For Joe and me, it's the only night where evening work is set aside. (He's working on his dissertation and I teach a college class one night per week.) We both try to be home before six, when we have a delicious, but fun meal --- usually out in one of our favorite neighborhood places, or carry out. Then, the rest of the night, we're just a family. I love it.


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