Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of Colds and Camping and Molehills

Well, first a nasty cold wended its way through the family. It’s still hanging on for dear life, dratted thing, but at least we all seem to be over the hump.

While still battling coldzilla, we packed up and drove… 7 hours… all the way across Washington, into North Idaho for a five-day camping trip with some dear friends. It was a glorious time of fellowship and glorying in God’s Creation, but needless to say, I returned home more exhausted than when I left.

On top of it all, I’m just in one of those times where stress seems to be a constant presence. You know that feeling where every little molehill becomes a mountain because you have some actual mountains you need to scale and you just don’t know if you’re up to the climb? Well, if you’ve never had that feeling, count yourself blessed! For those of you who know, say a little empathetic prayer for me, won’t you?

As to the blog, I’m hoping to have a post up as soon as my mind is capable of organizing a cohesive thought again. (Don’t worry, I swear it will happen one of these days!)

And, for those of you who were wondering: No, I’m not pregnant, even if I am acting like I’ve got the world’s worst case of pregnancy brain!


  1. Praying for you! I remember that stressed feeling from when I had a deadline-oriented job in advertising and was planning a wedding at the same time. The simplest things, like, "where did I put my purse?" become huge obstacles. Even good things in life can bring stress. And sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation! This too shall pass.

  2. I hope you and your family will be feeling better soon. I completely empathize with your feelings trying to deal with "mountains" of stress. It must be something in the water. I will be lifting you in prayer.


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