Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blessed to Be a Blessing - Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

“All the blessings we enjoy are Divine deposits, committed to our trust on this condition, that they should be dispensed for the benefit of our neighbors.” - John Calvin

st. elizabeth of hungaryToday is the feast of my patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary!

We celebrated again this year with our traditional (and delicious) Hungarian Coffee Cake. Yum!

I find it providential that St. Elizabeth’s feast is always the week before Thanksgiving. It seems appropriate that, in this affluent nation of ours, we celebrate the feast of a princess who gave back so generously from out of her copious blessings to the poor, just prior to celebrating our own blessings from the Lord. What a gift to remember that there is a reason for all this blessing beyond our own happiness—the joy and great service of stewarding some of those blessings on to others who are less fortunate.

Dear St. Elizabeth, you taught us by your example to live in gratitude, with open hearts and open hands. Pray for us, that our hearts and hands may be always open to all God’s children. Amen.


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  1. I enjoy this reminder of why we are given blessings and talents. Thanks.


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