Monday, November 8, 2010

A Simple Centerpiece for November


In the summertime, I’m a sucker for the glorious cut flower bouquets at unbelievably low prices that appear in buckets at farmers’ markets all over the Puget Sound. But, other than the famous Pike Place Market downtown, most have closed their…well, not doors (tents?) until spring. And anyway, there aren’t many flowers left regardless.

Besides, though cut flowers are beautiful at any time of year, November tables beg for something a little…drier? Heartier? Well, in any case, autumnal.

This is a simple centerpiece that I can throw together year after year and, somehow, never gets old. The cornucopia I picked up at a JoAnn’s clearance years ago. The little glass votive holders are actually leftover from our wedding reception centerpieces (I think they were originally from Michael’s). So, all that’s new this year are the dried corn and the walnuts, which were easily obtained out my local grocery store, and the beautiful beeswax candles. The best part? Anything that can’t be kept until next year can be eaten!

With all the planning and purchasing that the holidays always seem to entail, it’s nice to have a reliable, enjoyable standby that can grace my table without breaking—or even bending—my budget.

What’s on your table (decoratively speaking) this month?

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  1. My kids and I gathered acorns outside, picked out a few interesting gourds at the grocery store, and today will be preserving some leaves with a beeswax coating. I also found some handpainted pilgrims and Indians on Etsy that are with our other outdoor "treasures". I have all of it on tray on our coffee table that they can reach and rearrange/explore as they wish. (only rule is it all stays on the tray!) We also have some Thanksgiving books in a basket nearby! Holly Norris


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