Tuesday, March 1, 2011

54-Day Rosary Novena for Lent


In 1884, this novena was revealed to Fortuna Agrelli, the daughter of an Italian commander in Naples, by Our Lady of Pompeii. It’s method is fairly simple. You say the rosary for three novenas (27 days) in petition followed by three novenas in thanksgiving, whether or not the petition has been granted. Six novenas, back to back, makes for 54 days of prayer, hence the name.

A dear friend of mine raves about this novena—not only for its efficacy but because of the way it has transformed her faith and prayer life. She’s been recommending it to me for over a year now, and I have finally begun! I realized in looking at my calendar that by beginning the novena today, it would be completed on Holy Saturday. The timing was perfect for my intention, and I thought that others of you might enjoy jumping on board and starting a novena of your own.

To pray the novena, you must first select a petition. With this intention in mind, pray the Joyful Mysteries of the rosary. Tomorrow, you will pray the Sorrowful Mysteries, and on the third day, the Glorious Mysteries. You then continue cycling back through these three sets of Mysteries. The Luminous Mysteries are not recited.

I have included a chart below, care of fatimacrusader.com to help you keep track.



  1. new Catholic here: is the thanksgiving part of the novena just about attitude, or is there something specific about how you pray the rosary that is different for that part?

  2. Gina B. - Yes, thanksgiving refers to your attitude or your frame of mind. So, when you're asking for your petition, you're doing it with an attitude of humble, trusting faith. And, when you are offering your prayer in thanksgiving, you are concentrating on your petition with a perspective of gratitude. Hope that helps :-)
    In Christ,


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