Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learning Basket for Holy Week

Here are my learning basket picks for the week leading up to Easter. This selection of books gently, accurately, and engagingly guides my children through the events of the Passion and makes alive for them the glory of the Resurrection. Oh, and I had to throw in a little Tasha Tudor just for some whimsical fun!

A note for my Catholic readers: The story Benjamin’s Box gives a slightly inaccurate depiction of the Last Supper. The text states that Benjamin was confused when Jesus “said the wine was like his blood and would be spilled, and the bread was to be broken like his body.” This is not what Scripture tells us, and it certainly is not what our Faith proclaims. I still think that this story has incredible merit, though, so rather than throw out the baby with the bathwater, I just crossed out a few of words so that our copy reads “the wine was like his blood and would be spilled, and the bread was to be broken like his body.”

What is your family reading for Holy Week?


  1. We have ALL of those same books minus Benjamin's Box. I had heard too that it was not Catholic "friendly", but I like your idea of just crossing it out!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I think there is something missing from the post when I view it. I am using Firefox and I see the paragraph that begins "Here are my learning basket" and the next one begins "A Note for my Catholic readers" There is nothing between the two paragraphs. From reading the comment, though, I am guessing there is something more to the post...

  3. Hi, I saw your comment over on Owlhaven about your dad. My dad also took his own life, in April 2008, when I was 24. I just want you to know that someone does understand the pain. Sending love.

  4. Jen - It is an Amazon widget. Perhaps your computer does not have the right software to view them? Anyway, the books are The Tale Three Trees (Hunt), Benjamin's Box (Carlson), A Tale For Easter (Tudor), The Easter Story (Wildsmith), The Week That Led to Easter (Larrison), and The Story of Easter (Pingry).

  5. Jen,

    I think it is a Firefox problem because I had the same issue and it shows up when I use the Safari browser.


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