Monday, May 2, 2011

The Gifts Go On (Multitude Monday)

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80. Tick-tock of Grandma’s namesake cuckoo on my wall
82. bulk vanilla extract
83. For slow-stirring forcing pause
84. Milky swirls, steam curls dancing in the pan
86. Cookie jar savored to the last crumb
91. For wise words of woman humble, inviting me to the thanksgiving feast
92. That life is not an emergency
96. Sunshine against the odds
98. Baby-boy spiraling down slide so high
99. Full-bellied husband reaching for second helpings
102. Tear-drying teddy delivered in big sister’s arms
104. For washable markers that really are
106. Hot-pink jewel-breast of a hummingbird that hovers just long enough for my children to see
109. Endless pourings of clean water
112. Lover hands strumming chords to the Beloved
123. Apples all rosy in wicker nest
124. Hot mug of steaming tea on cool spring morn all dewy damp
125. Barren women blossoming hope from the Grace seed
126. Job in despair crying, “Blessed!”
127. A God who is in control, even in the pain. A GOOD God.
128. Sun-soaking on verdant grass, back warmed by earth, face warmed by Heaven
129. Running breathless, childlike
130. Armful of shrieking, smiling babe caught tight
134. The last lap, the homestretch

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