Monday, April 18, 2011

The Story


I’ve been away. Not just in the virtual realm. In my real life. I was off on a youth group retreat. Two days after that, my family left to celebrate my best friend’s wedding in New York. We were gone for a week. The same day we returned home, my husband left for a four-day conference in yet another state.

Now we’re finally all home again. Now life is starting to return to what we know as normal. Now that the dust has settled, I am cognizant of a few things that got lost in the whirlwind.

There are so few hours in a day. Even when the day is dragging or the kids are clinging to my tired body, there are so few, so very few hours. It’s my commission to use them wisely and to enjoy them well. So how am I spending these twenty-four? And tomorrow, I must ask myself again.

I am only one person. My brain does not divide well. I’m one of those people who seems cursed to get lost if they try to have a conversation while driving. I do things whole-heartedly, which means that when I do a thing, it is with focus and intent… and that means that I cannot simultaneously be doing something else with equal focus and intent… or even at all… because then my focus from the first thing becomes blurry and the intention wanes and… well, you see how it is. It gets confusing. And in the confusion, something is lost. Focus or intent or clarity or joy. Or my mind. Or maybe me.

I am only one person. And, that is quite enough. Sometimes, I just have to remind myself that it is quite enough. That I am enough. That the hours in the day are enough. That if something is lacking, it is because I have forgotten that a day is a day and that I am me and that is how it should be.

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Let me rejoice in this day, Lord. Let me rejoice in me, and in life and in twenty-four hours, and in whole-hearted efforts and in You. Let me recall that it is enough and to ask for nothing more.

And on a day like this, I stop and I think, what am I doing with this day, with this life? With these twenty-four hours? This week? This year? These two hands and these two arms and this voice and these eyes? This mind and this heart and this soul?

Scripture tells me that where my focus and intent are, there is my heart. So, on what am I focused? Where do my best intentions lie? To whom have I given my heart?

Is it to my family? Or my home? Or my comfort? Or my country? Or my work? Or myself? Or my God?

The hours of our years tell stories. They tell the story of our hearts. What story is your life telling? What is the tale of these twenty-four hours? And, who is the author?

When the whirlwind stops, when the dust settles, what is left behind? What is really left behind?

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  1. This is beautiful-thank you for posting this and reminding us all to take care of the fact that we are in fact human, there are 24 hours in a day, and that is simply how it is meant to be. It is so easy to lose sight of these very simple, yet significant truths. Blessings on you for bringing it so eloquently to light.

    Love from your Chica in NY.


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