Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Buddies


Yesterday, was Pentecost. It was also my birthday. Which means that for the first (and probably only) time in my life, the Church and I shared a birthday! I was birthday buddies with the Church! How cool is that?

And, it made me think of something…

When the Church was “born”, God sent His Spirit to give the disciples the gifts they needed to see them through their earthly mission.

When I was born, wasn’t it the same? God gave me all the gifts I need to see me through this life and fulfill my ultimate purpose: to know and love Him.

That made me feel special.

And, when I blew out the candles on my Pentecost-themed birthday cake (it was white with whipped cream and strawberries), I thought of the gifts that God blessed me with…

…and I wished.


  1. Happy Birthday Bethany. I hope it was a cake'licous day. Yes, I just made up that word...that's what I do.

    And, yes that is cool!

    Christine Wilkes

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