Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simplicity Parenting

simplicity book coverApparently, it’s its own movement. But, I went a little less extreme and just read the book.

And, what a book! I won’t say too much more except: read it. Right now. If you have kids. If you work with kids. If you think you might someday want kids. If there are kids in your life. If you mentor someone who has kids. Just read it.

Now, I will come clean and say that a lot of what is espoused in this volume is stuff my parents embraced while raising me, not to mention things that I have intentionally drawn into my own parenting journey. So, maybe it was a bit of preaching to the choir. But, this choir member feels very validated, inspired, and challenged.

If you want to treasure and honor the childhoods of the children in your life, try simplicity on for size. Kim John Payne will get you started.


  1. Thank you for this! This book has been sitting in my shopping cart on for about a year, I think now I'll do it. Have you read "Living Simply with Children"? It too has been in my shopping cart waiting for the right moment... honestly they're only two parenting books that I've had the slightest desire to read (except for one or two on parenting boys when Henry gets older).

  2. What a beautiful book! As you mentioned, might even have a lesson for non-parents!

    I think it's sadly ironic that some children are suffering from too much affluence (too many choices, too many gadgets, too much information) while some children are suffering from not enough (i.e. those in poverty). That is one of the sad realities of our time.

  3. Molly - I have not read the book you mention. I will have to check it out.

    Anne - So well put.

  4. Hi Bethany,

    Ok, let's see if 3xs a charm with trying to post my comment.

    I absolutely love your blog. When life gets busy, I remember it's here. The page loads and I'm never failed. Your blog is peaceful.

    Could I please borrow this book? And, thank you for your recommendation.

    The tuna dinner looks wonderful!

    I hope we meet soon when you have some time. :)
    Christine Wilkes

  5. Hi Christine!

    You can actually just get the book out from the library (which is what I did, or I would certainly let you borrow it!)

    Yes, let's have the bbq soon! I'll call you this week.


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