Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

It’s been awhile since I have shared any photos of my adorable (at least I think so!) children. Well, a sunny (at last!) summer morning and the invitation of our lovely downstairs neighbors finally provided the perfect photo op: a day at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

We begin with an odd bird:


There’s one in every family.

Technically, this one is a swan, and he’s not so much a part of the flamingo family, but he was actually stationed to live there with them. There were some rather charming ducks in residence, as well.

Below, we have Sophia and James being marvelously curious. I mean, what provokes curiosity more than a bunch of strange looking animals? Bring on the questions! (Note to self: a trip to the zoo is really fantastic inspiration to get pumped for the start of a new school year.)


James’ favorite exhibit by far was the Humboldt penguins. Penguins are his favorite animal. He sleeps with no less than five—count ‘em five—stuffed ones in his crib, and one of them is nearly as big as he is! When you consider that my two children boast only about twenty-five stuffed animals total between them, that is a pretty big stash of penguins.

James calls them all his “penguies", and they are named accordingly from “Little Penguie” (the smallest) to “Giant Penguie" (the largest). His favorite book is Busy Penguins, which we read at least twice daily. He can, of course, recite the entire thing by heart without my assistance, but it only “counts” if Mama reads it in the reading chair in the nursery.

But, when he saw the penguins at the zoo, he was in such a state of joyous adoration that I thought my heart would burst right out of my chest for watching.


While James’ attention was rapt on his heart’s desire, Sophia was keeping us on track. She took the map right out of my bag, found the picture of the lions on it and said, “That’s where we need to be. Now, where are the penguins?”

And, if you were curious, that is my sweater that she is wearing, since she insisted that she would not need one. In her defense, it was very warm. It’s just a very shady zoo. (Thank you, Woodland Park landscapers!)


All in all, it was a marvelous day.

Just ask James.


  1. It does look like it was quite an enjoyable excursion for all. Kids are funny about their stuffed animals. Very cute! And your kids are very adorable, not just in your eyes.

  2. Yay for the zoo - I love Woodland Park Zoo. It is an extremely well done place. Do you park free on the street like we do? :)

    Though, I'm just curious, has it ever bothered you how they have a population ticker? It makes me cringe every time I see it. I feel like the message is: The more people that are born, the more threatened the wildlife becomes. I might be reading into it a little too much. Any thoughts?

  3. Kayleen - It really is a great zoo. I didn't know they had free street parking! I carpooled with my neighbor this time, so she paid for the lot, but I will have to check out the street in the future. Which streets do you use?

    And, I've never noticed the population ticker! I think that would rub me the wrong way, too. I'd have to see it in it's context in the zoo, though, to give an honest impression of what I feel they are going for. Where is it located in the zoo?

    God bless,

  4. You went without me!!! Yet, I am still smiling. Precious!

  5. Awww, thanks for the book recommendation too! I have a penguin lover her as well....she has a penguin (just one so far...) named Bawk Bawk, because that's the noise that Momma thought they made when she was little. ;)

    Maybe I'll take the kidlets to the zoo Friday - we have a cute little one in Racine. You can get through the entire thing in a morning, which is perfect for little legs. :)

  6. Well, I couldn't tell you the specific street names but basically we usually go over to the West entrance and look up and down the streets near there.

    The population thing is across from the African village, in the entrance area there. I have tried unsuccessfully to look it up on their website, just to try and get more information about it. I have had it in my mind to write them a letter for some time now - but you know how it is being so busy caring for little ones! It's hard to put together something coherent when there are always interruptions! But it certainly is on my list of things to do. I agree that it might fall in line with a message about the relationship between human populations and animal populations that could be considered appropriate. I just wish they could clarify that humans are not a threat to animals unless they are being reckless and not being good stewards of the earth. Christians also need to do a better job getting our message across that we ARE in fact called to be good stewards because all of God's creatures are precious and worth protecting. Humans will always be the number one priority - but that doesn't mean we ever have the right to abuse animals or their habitats.

    Forgot to mention but cute photos too! :)


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