Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Succeed in All Things

exercsies for flourishing

I am constantly reminded of a simple and startling fact: I can do nothing, and yet I can do all things.

I cannot add one hour to my life. But, I can move the mountains.

These truths are not contradictory. They are reality. They are freedom, and they are comforting boundary. They are held together by one thing: faith. This is the sustaining, permeating glue that binds it all together and makes everything out of impossibility.

But, it doesn’t happen blindly.

Real, life-shaking, life-holding, life-giving faith is not a positive thought or a hope on a string. Faith is sure and strong and solid—and it is centered. It is centered in Christ.

I look forward to another year of schooling, of homemaking, of budgeting and writing and living and I confess myself completely overwhelmed at the thought that I am responsible for so much. I know—I know I cannot make it on my own steam. But, joy, I know—I know that I don’t need to. I am not meant to.

He will carry me.

And so I pray. I swim in words that breathe new life. I marvel in worship, and my knees hit the ground, and my palms open—asking, pleading, blessing, giving thanks for all. These are my exercises for flourishing. But, it is He who will make me flourish.

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  1. This was the inspiration I needed today---thank you.


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