Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Key to Wonderful Dining


“The pace and clutter of our long, tightly scheduled days draw us away from the full satisfaction we should derive from the important daily ritual of dining with loved ones. There is nothing more beautiful than people sitting down around the table in an alchemy of spirit and companionship. Good food is pleasing, but the reality is that when we sit down with family and friends for a meal, food is not the most important element, nor is the physical space. The key to wonderful dining is the chemistry of the company. In the right frame of mind, we are more receptive to all the sensual pleasures that a meal provides.”

- Alexandra Stoddard, Creating a Beautiful Home


Of course, the food can do a great deal to elevate the mood.

Marinated Tuna Fish (from this month’s Martha Stewart Living), Roasted Red Peppers, and homemade baguette

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  1. Hmm, I still have to make dinner, can you just send your yummy dinner to me through the Interwebz? And don't skimp on that lovely bread. Thanks! Nom nom.


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