Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning Basket Links


Below, I have provided some links to the learning basket themes and booklists I am using this year in my homeschool. These are my personal documents and so are tailored to my own child and personal teaching style. If what you see appeals to you, feel free to print and use what you find. Or, you may choose to use these resources and guidelines in creating your own tailor-made approach to creative learning in your home. In any case, you are welcome to take or leave them as you see fit. I hope they will be a blessing to you and yours.

I have already shared with you all my weekly learning basket themes for this homeschool year. Now, I want to provide you with an easy-to-download document that you can print out and slip into your homeschool binder. 

You can use these themes for a variety of ages, preschool through early elementary. When your children are not yet of the age (or you are not of the persuasion) to be focusing on quarter or semester cross-disciplinary units (American history, for example), these weekly themes can help center your homeschool day and energize your young students. Sticking with a theme for one week is a great way to invigorate and inspire young children without burning them out or boring them.

Here are my book lists for the various themes. Authors and illustrators are listed with the titles. I have pre-screened each of the books that is listed for age appropriateness, subject matter, and literary merit. Please be advised, though, that every parent and every student is different. You may like to read these books for yourself before you decide they are right for your homeschool. Your local library should have many of them available.

September Learning Baskets
October Learning Baskets
November Learning Baskets
December Learning Baskets
January Learning Baskets
February Learning Baskets
March Learning Baskets
April Learning Baskets
May Learning Baskets

Next week, I will try to get some of my actual core curriculum planning up to share. In the meantime, I’m lifting prayers for all my fellow homeschoolers. May you find God’s vision and peace in your planning.

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