Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cider House MOVES!

house front

I have been DYING to write this post!

And I’m going to start by thanking you all for your patience with me. Not a single follower (friend?) dropped off my radar while the blog lay stagnant for a week at a time…over more weeks than I care to count. But, I had good reason! And, now I get to share it with you. (Is there bigger news than writing a novel? YES, there IS!)


We move across town TODAY. To our new very own free-standing HOME. With a LAWN. I am very excited. Could you tell?

Let me show you around.

September 2011 208September 2011 202September 2011 206

Big sunny front yard with a trellis (I’m seeing roses, people!), picket fence, and what looks like a perfect tree to climb up and read a book in. Does anyone know what that tree is? I’m so bad with botany.

Okay, you can come on inside now.

September 2011 162September 2011 157
September 2011 159September 2011 158

The main living area is petite, but it’s still nice and open and welcoming. The hardwoods have been stained in two different tones, separating the different areas, which I love! The kitchen has a lot more storage than it looks like, and the counter space is great. I’m planning to pull up a couple of barstools on the side by the dining area, and we’ll store our extra pantry items on shelving in the colossal laundry room downstairs.

Now, down the hall to take a peak at the kids’ bedrooms.

September 2011 167

September 2011 168September 2011 169

As you can tell from the glare, the light is pretty nice. Good closet space. There are three of these rooms on this floor, all about the same size. For the time being, we’re planning to make one Sophia’s room, one for James, and one will be our homeschool.

There’s also the upstairs bathroom. Always important.

September 2011 165September 2011 166

Now before we head downstairs, let’s take a peak in the backyard. We’ll head down via the balcony/deck off the kitchen dining area.

It’s just the right size for entertaining, made of cedar wood means it won’t rot out here in the rainy Pacific Northwest! You can see that the concrete patio below is not really finished. It could use a cosmetic make-over, but that’s the fun of home owning, right?

September 2011 172September 2011 151September 2011 192

And down to the yard…

September 2011 149

That patch to the left there gets some gorgeous afternoon sun. I’m planning to dig it up and build raised beds for a kitchen garden.

We’re going to move that odd gate way up to the patio area where those two giant tufts of grass are growing. (Seriously? 7’ tall grass? Maybe on a prairie, but… no.) Where the gate is now, we’re going to put a playset with a slide and swings for the kids. They are very excited about going to pick one out.

In the very back, along the fence, we have plans for a coop and chicken run. Our city allows us to keep up to 10 pairs of fowl in our yard. We have no intention of pushing the city limits, but we are hoping to have a nice supply of fresh eggs in the future. Not to mention the cozy clucking of the hens.

September 2011 150

Here are my very own Italian plum tree and lilac trees! I think I’m in heaven. The plum tree is bearing fruit right now, so I got to see how prolific it is. And it is! I can’t wait to see what variety of lilac we have.

We’re planning to tear up that odd patch of bamboo to the right. It really knows how to take over a place! And, we’ll be planting several varieties of apple trees. Of course, those won’t bear fruit for another 2-5 years, but we can enjoy our plums in the meantime.

Alright, time to head back in. We’ll go through the master suite so y’all can see my room :-)

September 2011 177

Yes, that is a gas fireplace in the master bedroom! Something I’d always dreamed of having and never thought I’d get! The furniture isn’t mine. I’ll have to show you what it looks like again once we’ve got it all spruced up.

Then, we have the bathroom with a walk-in closet. Hoping to replace the capsule shower one day, but we’ll give it a little time.

September 2011 178September 2011 179

Down the hall, we have the enormous laundry room, which I will also be utilizing to house a freezer and shelving for storage and pantry items that don’t fit in our kitchen.

September 2011 175

There are actually appliances in here now (hooked up Saturday). One of the blessings (stresses? expenses? No, blessings is better!) of buying this particular house is that we needed to purchase all new appliances. I have NEVER in my LIFE been able to choose my own refrigerator, people! I feel like the most pampered homemaker on the PLANET right now, I really do. There will be pictures of the refrigerator in the future. And the stove! Oh, don’t get me started on the thing of beauty that is our stove!

Further along, there’s another bedroom with lovely beadboard wainscot with a third bath across the hall from it. To me, it just screams “nursery.”

September 2011 182September 2011 180

Then, finally, we have the long, thin room that will be a combination guest room and office.

There’s also an enormous open closet at the other side that you can’t see (because I was standing in it when I took this picture) with plenty of room to shelve all sorts of books and supplies. And it opens onto the south facing backyard. A great comfort an inspiration while you’re hard at work.

September 2011 183

Now, one more quick jaunt back upstairs…

Are you still with me?

September 2011 174

Garage/Brian’s shop…

September 2011 189

…and the attic (technically, there’s a crawlspace-style attic inside the main house, too, but this one is really more convenient for long-term storage)…

September 2011 188

…Alley next to garage to house trash and recycling. Alright, can I just so how absurdly excited I am that I will get my very OWN trash, recycling and yard waste bins and that I won’t have to share them with twenty other households????

September 2011 187

Here we have the walkway on the opposite side of the house that stretches into the backyard. We met our neighbors on the other side of that fence, a very sweet retired couple who has lived there since the early 60’s. They have a border collie that my kids have already fallen in love with.

September 2011 200

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we’re done!

So, what do you think?

I can’t wait to get our stuff unpacked so I can start making this house into our home!


  1. Congrats! We just got an accepted offer last night on our first home! Looks like we'll both be "home for the holidays" how exciting is that!

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing for your family. The house looks lovely, and pretty move-in ready, which is always an extra bonus. Out of curiosity, when was it built? I would assume in the 1960s, but I know that housing trends in different parts of the country do pop up at different times. I hope hat God gives you many happy and prosperous years in your new home!

  3. Congrats Bethany! It looks beautiful!

  4. I am so happy for you.
    A new home to make memories in. Enjoy everyday.

  5. That is so wonderful! Congratulations!
    It's a beautiful house, I can't wait to see how you turn it into a beautiful home :)

  6. Congratulations! It's beautiful. I hope you will be very happy there.

    I love the yard. I can't wait to see the garden you make next year.

  7. Bethany,

    So, so thrilled for you! What a lovely house--I bet you'll really enjoy making it "home" as you settle in and decorate. How exciting---congratulations :)


  8. What fun! Looks like a beautiful home. Have fun settling in!

  9. Congratulations! What a lovely home!!

  10. Oooh, it's so pretty and bright, I especially love the floors! And the cedar porch, you can bring your laptop out there and write.

  11. So lovely! I hope you'll have many happy years here and that it wil be truly the house your children will remember as their happy childhood home...
    Elizabeth form Belgium

  12. Thank you all for your kind words! I can't wait to get all these boxes unpacked so I can take pictures of what it REALLY looks like for y'all.

    mollymakesdo - Congratulations! Hope your moving experience is blessed!

    Val - Nicely done! 1963.

  13. Bethany I am so happy for you and your family! What a lovely house and plenty of room for more children! It will be a wonderful place to build all those memories. Will be praying for you as you move- I know it will be an exciting move!

  14. It looks beautiful! Congratulations on the new house. Does the weird clump of giant grass have an empty hole in the middle? We had some like that in our yard in another house that did. It might make a fun natural play house if it does....

  15. Your new home looks gorgeous! Not sharing any walls, floors, or ceilings with others has to be a nice bonus to the beauty. I know it was when we left that behind. :P

  16. I am so happy for you. It's so encouraging when awesome things happen for awesome families. Enjoy every day of moving/buy new furniture/decorating. Congratulations!!!

  17. Bethany, Aunt Kris here, Congratulations the house looks fabulous!!!!

  18. Congratulations, Chica!! It's absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy every bit of the decorating/homemaking process--I'm going to post up pictures of our flat in Brooklyn, soon, so we'll have to share notes. ALL my love. --Steph


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