Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homemaking Help for Families Large and Small

When my husband saw me carrying this tome out of the library, he raised an eyebrow at me.

“You do realize we’re only on number 3, right?”

I nodded. But luck tends to favor the prepared. And, as I have discovered, there is never enough prep time for a mom of little ones!

So, I took the book home. And I read devoured it. And I discovered something else: Large Family Logistics is a treasure trove for busy moms of ten—or two! What I mean is, this book is for anyone who wants to brush up on or improve their home management and mothering repertoire. From tips on how to celebrate the Lord’s bounty to creating a chore system for your children to how to budget everything from time to finances, this book is chock full of valuable advice and tips.

Now, that said, the book has a specific scope. It is not an in-depth how-to manual. You will not learn how to remove blood stains or how to create a homeschool curriculum. There are plenty of other resources that cover those topics and more in more than enough depth. What Large Family Logistics provides is inspiration, encouragement, and creative solutions for moms looking to have more efficient, joyful households—large or small.

4 Star Review


  1. Bethany, thanks for posting this! Right now I have one child (6 months) and I feel like I'm doing something wrong because it is all I can do to care for her and take care of our house! I'm really slipping on some things and it's so hard! Previously I wasn't such a neat-freak... I think my nesting instinct still hasn't dissipated!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy and looking forward to hearing about your new blessing! :)

  2. I was thinking about picking this book up but wasn't sure. We are also on #3 (due in August) but as you pointed out, it never hurts to have a plan and window to the future! I'll have to see if KCLS has it.

  3. Kayleen - They do! That's where I got my copy ;-) I did have to wait a long time, though.



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