Friday, May 4, 2012

Springtime Joys


I am a huge lilac lover. Of course, having been raised in Rochester, NY, home of the internationally famous Highland Lilac Festival, could you expect anything less?

So, I can hardly describe to you my excitement when I discovered three dormant lilac bushes on our property when we bought it last autumn. They finally burst into bloom in April, one at a time—two purples, one white. I was ecstatic! As soon as the buds were open enough that the scent drifted in through my kitchen window, I rushed outside with a pair of scissors to bring in the bounty.

I felt just like Anne Shirley. As I arranged the vases, I could imagine prim Marilla scolding me for “cluttering up the house with outdoor things.” I laughed to myself and inhaled the delicious scent of springtime and home.


Of course, the sweetest blessing of all came not from the lilacs, but from the tiny bouquet of buttercups, rhododendron buds, and woodland hyacinth that my children eagerly gathered for me.

They deposited their blooms shining-faced and eager into my waiting palms. And I promptly put them in crystal with a dose of fresh water. Because that is what you do with precious things.



  1. Beautiful, Bethany! My entire family were born in Ohio, but we moved to the south when I (the youngest) was just 18 months. Every spring my mother would say how she missed the lilacs (too hot down south for them). They were her very favorite. She passed away 7 years ago on May 2, and your post with all your beautiful photos put a smile on my face as I thought of her. Thanks!

  2. I too love lilacs. The day I fell in love with them was when I was visiting a friend in Cambridge - we were walking down Sidney Sussex street and it was a very warm day. There was a gust of wind that carried the scent of the lilacs growing on the college walls to us. One of those perfect moments I'll never forget.

  3. Small world. I have marked on my calendar to go to the lilac festival next week if the weather is nice! It's our first year here near Rochester (we just moved to the Finger Lakes region) and as soon as I heard about the festival I just knew I had to go. It's really funny because when we were in Seattle we went to the Tulip Festival in Skagit - my kids even had a photo taken with the same frog/toad statue that I later saw you posted to your blog. Seriously... small world. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos, beautiful words.

  5. My Seattle friends laugh that I can small a lilac as soon as I enter a room, that I can sniff it out in the most remote corner of a yard...Rochester is in my blood, I guess :) Glad you have some on your property! That's my dream someday too!



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