Monday, August 13, 2012

Make Every Moment Count

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Last Thursday at about 1:05 PM, my three-year-old son fell out a window at our home. I was just finishing up his story for naptime, was closing the book and setting it down, when he went over the back of the couch and pressed his hands to the window screen. The spline split from the frame, and he slipped through like a rock falling through a veil. I heard a loud thud on the concrete walkway below. Then, nothing.
It is every mother’s nightmare.
That day, it was my reality.
But God is more merciful than we deserve, and in the five seconds or so that it took me to fly down the stairs and out the front door, James came out of shock, moved all four limbs, and began to cry. At first, it was an eerie, lifeless sound, more like a moan, but after a minute or so, he began to cry in earnest and, it seemed, my heart resumed beating.
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I will spare you the details of ER transfers, CT scans, post-concussion nausea, and the terrified eyes of a little boy who would not let go of Mama or Daddy’s hand for one second. I don’t need to drag you through a play-by-play of 24-hour hospital observation, and I won’t even mention the army of incredible doctors and nurses who cared for my little boy as if he were their own nephew.
What I will say, all I will say is this: EVERY. MOMENT. COUNTS.
I know you already knew that, but I thought I’d mention it again. Because every moment, it’s truth is irrefutable. Every. blessed. moment.
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To make a long story short, James fractured his skull and clavicle but, miraculously, had no internal or spinal injuries. I am eternally indebted to all who prayed, to all who helped, to one stellar rock star of a guardian angel, and to a God who spared my son and cemented forever in my heart a terrible reminder of what matters.
Every. blessed. moment.
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  1. I'm so glad James is ok. I will pray for his continued recovery.

  2. You are in my prayers. This post took my breath away. I am a new mom with a VERY active 20mo old named Marie Therese. I could so see something like this happening to her! You are right EVERY momment is precious.
    Kim W

  3. Praise God your baby is healing! I am praying for you and your family. I cannot imagine what you have been through. I am inspired by your faith and courage.

  4. Oh, Bethany! Thank God he's okay! So glad your little boy is healing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I am so glad he is ok, what a terrible scare for all of you! Hilary

  6. Chills. I used to be in emergency medicine and am well aware of how fragile life really is. So thankful your little guy was spared. Praying he recovers well and quickly. (and you too!!! I have two girls and have heart attacks on a regular basis because of "almost accidents"!)! It is amazing we can make it to adulthood!
    Can't remember if I've commented before, but I've enjoyed your blog for about 3 yrs!:)

  7. Been thinking of you guys a lot since reading this post. Hope you have time to give us an update on the little guy soon. Still in our thoughts and prayers. :)


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