Monday, August 27, 2012

The New Light of Second Chances

July-August 2012 304

Thank you all for your patience and your prayers.

Our little man is healing well. He had the go-ahead from the doctor to watch Mary Poppins on Friday (our family movie day) last week. Good thing we only watch one movie a week and no TV because screen time is apparently one of the big no-no’s for recovery from traumatic brain injury. James has been able to play a little bit at the playground with LOTS of hovering supervision. It is vital that he avoid a second hard knock to the head for at least another two weeks. The complications associated with a secondary injury are exponentially higher than the first—and one potentially fatal brain bleed is quite enough for one lifetime, in my opinion. Continued prayers that my rambunctious boy remain protected would really be appreciated over the next few weeks.

Overall, though, his recovery has been remarkable. The greatest miracle of all was the day his cheery, cheeky, quirky personality returned in all its glory!! I had missed my curious, opinionated, funny boy so much—I hadn’t even realized how much the fall had altered him until he “came back.” I have found myself grateful for so many things I once took for granted—things I never will be able to take for granted again…

Snuggles at bedtime when I still have a list of things to do.

A second story, or even a third, when there’s dinner to make.

Tears over nothing worth crying for.

A big boy’s request to be carried upstairs… “Just a little, Mama?”

A child who can squabble, even if it means intervention and discipline.

A mischievous gleam in the eye I know is going to result in some boyish escapade that will require additional cleaning.

The inconveniences of childhood shine in the new light of a second chance, and they are inconveniences no more.


  1. You and your family are still in my prayers. God has blessed you beyond measure. I am glad to hear is is doing so well.

  2. I don't think I remembered to post on your first post about James' accident, but you were in my prayers. You're experiencing the same "blessing" I did by starting a job with in PICU soon after my sons birth - those long nights and frustrating moments were seen in a different light. I always thought how fortunate I was to have a little one who was able to cry, to move around, to fuss - it's something that not all children get to do.

    Continued prayers!

  3. I'm so happy to hear James is recovering well. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers (and will continue to be).


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