Saturday, January 26, 2013

Someone Please Explain

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I do not understand the world today.

My heart is breaking in ten million ways.

Someone please explain to me why our country calls this murder, yet calls this “choice”? In both instances, a mother killed four children. Please, I do not see the difference. I do not see it at all.

I was touched when our president shed tears for the murdered school children of Newtown, CT. But why is he not crying for their peers who died before they even had the chance to breathe? All those children who never got to open eyes and look on their mothers’ faces. Who never had the chance to walk through the doors of a school at all.

It has been estimated that nearly 1 of every 4 American children conceived is aborted.

Why is our nation not weeping for them?

500,000 people marched on the capitol this week. The New York Times refused to print an article about it—any article. This is the fifth year running.

No debate is allowed. No discussion is even considered.

Those who weep for the unborn; who give their money, time, and talents to crisis pregnancy centers; who adopt disabled children and pray rosaries and march with their little ones in the cold…these people are called bigots. Right-wing extremists. Pope worshippers. Deluded. Hateful.

For loving these children and their mothers—and their fathers—and speaking up for a child’s right to EXIST, they are punished. Their words are twisted and they are told they are evil. I know. Because I am one of them.

I have lost credibility. I have lost lifelong friends. It is hard—very hard—in my profession to stand for the life of the unborn, the aged, the incapacitated, the convict, the mentally disabled.

I do not speak out because I enjoy the idea of women having babies they don’t want.

EVERY BABY IS WANTED. If not by his or her parents, then by millions of people who want to give that child a chance to live and grow and touch this world.

I do not want to “punish anyone with a baby. But a baby is not a punishment.

Someone please explain to me how a person can be a punishment?

Someone please explain to me why DEATH should ever be a choice?

I cannot understand.

I cannot stop crying…

I will not stop praying.


  1. Incomprehensible. Crying and praying with you!!

  2. Beautifully written--I want to forward it to Barack Obama. Please do not feel it is only right-wing extremists" or "pope worshippers" that sanctify life. The RWE label is given to those who then choose to murder abortion providers. Sanctity of life is across the political spectrum. Some ideologies focus on captial punishment; others focus on abortion. Some see both ends of the spectrum; others are limited to their end only--and that is true of both liberal and conservatives. The unfortunate thing is that we cannot find those things we have in common and fight for life together. Instead each side sees the other as extreme and are often vitriolic in their criticism. Find that common ground and work together for change. I believe it CAN happen. And I, a liberal, do weep with you and I do pray with you.

  3. Please see these New York Times articles: 40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Thousands March to Oppose Abortion (January 26, 2013
    and In Fight Over Life, a New Call by Catholics (January 26, 2013). The media coverage IS there, even in very liberal newspapers.

  4. Pro-choice advocates like to ask questions like, "What about if a mother's life is at risk? Or what if the baby could die? Why not allow those mothers to abort their babies, if no one else?"

    I am one of those mothers and my children are some of those babies. When I am pregnant my body basically tries to kill me and my unborn child. I suffer from severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). I cannot stop or control my vomiting. My entire world smells like the most disgusting smell you can imagine (and then multiply by 100). I parade in and out of hospitals and ERs, searching for an oasis of relief in the form of IV hydration, medications and a rest for my nose an antiseptic hospital helps with a bit. At the height of my misery I could not put a morsel of food in my mouth if it would mean the end of all pain and suffering on earth and a spot in Heaven for every soul ever conceived. I once lived an entire month on nothing but bites of macadamia nuts and tiny sips of water. My 9-ish months of pregnancy only accumulate about 3 months worth of food eaten and kept down.

    Two of my three babies were tiny at birth: 3lbs,10oz at 37 weeks for one and 5lbs at 42 weeks for the other. I always weigh 10-20lbs less when I give birth than when I conceived.

    Some measures bring respite enough to cease my prayers for death. Others do nothing. The ONLY thing that would ease my physical suffering is abortion or giving birth.

    And yet I do not kill my babies. The Lord has seen us through. And if He saw fit to allow us to die, He'd take us to Heaven and comfort us there.

    My body suffers mightily, but my conscience does not. My body is buffeted on all sides, and my soul is tried, but I do not kill my babies. I do not sin.

    The Bible says that "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." John 15:13, and every man, even in fetal form, is my friend and my pregnancies are truly an act of laying down my life.

    Becky Taylor

  5. Becky - Thank you so much for sharing your story - and for having the courage to choose LIFE. To God be the glory.

    Anonymous- Thank you for the articles you referenced. I still find it terribly discouraging that the first article was buried in the A section and that the second (also buried in the A section) depicts a group of pro-choicers rather than the marchers themselves. Also, the negative rhetoric used throughout (anti-abortion, as opposed to pro-life) even in the second article which was not about abortion at all but gun legislation was misleading. Still, it's good to know the voice of life is not being silenced entirely.

  6. Dear Bethany, thank you for writing this. I used to write pro-choice posts too... before I had given birth. Then I just couldn't think about abortions anymore, the horror of it all was too much to comprehend. If I had to voice my opinion about abortions now it would just be plain horror... thank G-d for articulate pro-lifers like you.

  7. This is very well written. Thank you

  8. Dear Bethany, We live in a fallen world where evil exist. We have free choice to love God or ignore Him. God's ways are better and far more majestic than man's. Mankind justifies anything and everything that they see fit to call right.

    We can pray that God open people's eyes to the truth. We can live by example and find like minded individuals that understand God's truths and embrace His counsel.

    Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter how you deal with it in God's economy.

    As a child, I believed that media was there to inform the public about facts and what is going on in the world. Now I know that the media is used to "brainwash" and persuade what the masses are going to believe and call truth. In reality the media pushes an agenda that the owners of the media resources back.

    Abortions in abortion clinics/hospitals are not being provided and performed on pregnant females whose lives are endangered by being pregnant or they'd go to a backstreet butcher to eliminate an inconvenient pregnancy. Abortions are being performed on females that believe they are doing the right thing to have a good life....babies to them are an inconvenience that will ruin their selfish lives. The abortions generate loads of money per abortion. It's about making money to line the pockets of those in the medical profession that are alright with aborting so-called tissue and so-called population control. Why, there's just not enough resources in the world to have so many we are told. The misconception of population control has long been hidden to corrupt minds that believe the lies of those participating in a death culture. Beautiful babies are destroyed daily because of ungodly beliefs.

    I live near Topeka, Kansas where the controversial Westboro Baptist Church calls home. I cannot agree with them protesting military funerals, but have come to understand they protest to get attention and attention they do get. They are protesting our military that supports and protects a country that says abortions are alright. They protest a military that defends a country that says homosexuality is acceptable. In their eyes, our military and government are corrupt and are god haters.

    I am PRO-GOD. All of His heavenly guidance about how to live life and conduct ourselves in a godly way are going to be challenged by those that are still in the dark. By those that are rebellious or don't understand the things of God.

    Bethany, God will see to it that you have friends and the ones you lost are part of your past. It's alright to lose friends. Being righteous separates families, friends and foe.

    Picking the battles we fight is part of life.
    God bless you and may you continue to shine in this dark world.


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