Thursday, February 6, 2014

The "Feel Good" Box

My last post ushered in an outpouring of encouragement, both real and virtual. Thank you to all those who went out of their way to check in and cheer me up.

Ironically, I was perfectly happy on the day it posted. Still am, praise God. It tends to take me some time to work around the bigger feelings of my heart, and that particular post on encouragement was one that saw it's beginnings in diary entries and late-night conversations many weeks ago before it saw the light of day at the other end of my keyboard. I hope it provided some encouragement and fruitful conversation for you, my readers. And please know that everything on my end is a-okay.

But, in the vein of cheering up, I thought I'd share a little tradition from our home that just might brighten some mid-winter days in your neck of the woods.

We call it The "Feel Good" Box.

Some days--and who knows why--are just not as bright as others. Days when I climb out on the wrong side of the bed (or one of my children does) and no matter what anyone does, we just can't seem to find our footing. Tempers run hot and patience thin, and if I'm feeling humble enough, I realize it's time to ratchet things back a couple notches and calm it down.

That's when we find The "Feel Good" Box.

Normally, it lives on a high shelf in our guest room closet, safe from eager little fingers. The same fingers that helped to make it and stock it. We snuggle up with a story and maybe one of the Scripture verse suckers we stowed away for blue days, and we snuggle the bad feelings away. Sometimes it takes awhile, and that's okay. We weren't getting anything productive done anyway. Or at least, not with anything like a productive attitude.

Best to lie low. Let the rest slide for now. And when we end with a prayer and pop the lid back on The Box, my hope is that we'll have found our footing again.

You don't need much to make a Box of your own. It doesn't need to be a box. Any small lidded container will do. Add decorations to make it look cheery, and slip a few small, special things inside to lift your spirits.

My two oldest children are close enough in age that they enjoyed filling this box together (although Sophia was in charge of making it so pink). You might consider letting each of your children make their own Box. Because blue days don't always fall the same for everyone, and different things lift different hearts.

Which makes think: I should have a Mama Feel Good Box. What would I put in it? A poem or a prayer card, some herbal tea, and perhaps a piece of bittersweet chocolate. Or two.


  1. That is a great idea, Bethany! Often, when we are a bit sick, tired or whatever, we chuck the normal schedule and cuddle up with hot cocoa and a movie or something... when I have a nursing baby and my attention is limited, it helps to get down on the floor to nurse so that I can be closer to where kiddos are playing... and converse about their play and engage a bit more... Everyone has rough days... Leila over at has an old post called 12 Steps to Rescue a Bad Day! Great ideas! --Laura

  2. Good idea!
    I also just read the one on one post and I feel like doing a face palm. That is so what the Bumper needs right now and it is so simple!
    Thank you!


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