Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy {Liturgical} New Year!

The rest of the West may start their year in January, but for Catholics, our year begins today. With the first Sunday of Advent.

We begin our year with the old made new. With a waiting for a birth that happened 2,000 years ago. 

We wait for a baby who was born and grew and died and rose again. We wait for the god-man come down to be made bone-broken weary for our sins. For our salvation. We wait in snow-muffled stillness for a newborn cry in Israel to echo across the millenia, carrying a promise: I will come again.

I never feel much like making resolutions on December 31. For some reason, it always feels arbitrary. Why now? Why today? Will I even remember what I envisioned come the February rains? But today, looking out a fresh blanket of snow (a little Christmas-coming miracle here in temperate Seattle), I felt inspired.

Because it's not the diet plan or the new book or bucket lists that inspire me. It's the soul searching.

This year, I resolve to grow closer.
I resolve to pray longer.
I want to spend more time with my Beloved in the scriptures and the sacraments...
...and in The Sacrament - the Blessed Bread where he comes, broken and hungry for me.

This year, I resolve to wait with old eyes made new, eager for this promise I profess.

He is coming.

Today begins a new year in Christ. What will your resolutions be?

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