Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Skip Counting Turkeys

Normally when I need a crafting idea for our homeschool, I head to Pinterest, but this time, I came up with one all on my own. (I was pretty proud of myself - I'm not usually very "crafty." Hee hee.) I have the upcoming holiday to thank, I suppose, for the inspiration. Well, that, and my kindergartener's struggles with skip counting.

Counting by 2's and 10's went smoothly enough, but when we hit 5's, we hit a wall. Of course, counting by 5's is incredibly important for real world applications, such as telling time and counting money - both of which my little guy is eager to start learning. 

I knew sticking to our regular curriculum (which we adore, by the way!) just wasn't going to cut it this time. He was so discouraged and frustrated that he didn't even want to try the lessons. He'd just sit there, pouting, refusing to count. When I finally did get him to participate, he'd guess wildly (probably hoping he'd frustrate me enough that I'd call off the lesson for the day). 

"5, 10, 17, 20, 30..."

Oy vey.

I tried to think of what in the physical world had 5.

I thought of flowers (5 petals), and of course nickels, but money was too abstract, and I didn't think my boy's imagination would be particularly sparked by flowers. Fingers, toes... I considered handprints (which, incidentally, I think would work equally well), and then I remembered the handprint turkeys our family made last year for Thanksgiving. The kids had loved it!

Could I inspire the same enthusiasm for skip counting? Answer: Yes!

We had a blast making these little birds (I laminated them for staying power), and are having a great time using them, along with our number chart, to practice our skip counting skills. I'm confident we'll be moving on to clocks an coins in no time!

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